After sharing a few articles with you, where I had the effrontery to talk to you as though we were friends, I guess it is normal to finally unveil myself so that we truly become the friends I want us to be. Especially after a reader asked me what I do and where on earth do I get the precious knowledge that I hare from.

On a legal note I am Djouwé Bidjanga Gervais. I have adopted the pen name Nihad ever since it was given to me by a Muslim family in Accra (Ghana) as, even though I am a Christian, I fully took part in the Kareem with them everyday up to the day of Ramadan. My friends call me Gervais and that is how I want to be called. Should you prefer to call me by my family name, kindly add up “Mr.” in front of it to make it Mr. Djouwé.

By training, I am a Human Resource Practitioner since 2009 after studying the course in Central University College in Accra, since then I have specialized in Capital Development and Recruitment.By experience, I am a Business Strategist & Administrator y various stints in various departments as Agency Supervisor (Branch Manager), Cash Officer, Personal Assistant to the Managing Director and Business Development Assistant in charge of 15 countries; all these in industries such as Microfinance, high end hospitality, events organizing, distribution and solar energy.

On a self-made note I am an entrepreneur, a consultant, a coach, a facilitator, a translator and a writer thanks to my setting up of 3 companies to date. The first of which is bankrupted (Gravies Group, Ghana), the second is on standby (Hermes School of Languages, Ghana) and my last born, henceFORTH will be a year old this November 2014. Also, in October 2011 I published a book titled Application Means Appointment; it is a very simple but powerful tool that explains to first time managers, reminds to HR manager and teaches students the background workings of the recruitment process.

All these taught me how a business works (with a vantage point from different departments), how to start and conduct a project, how to work with people, how to be more organized and efficient, what good work looks like and how to make decisions. In order to materialize these skills (or make them more formal), I am currently enrolled in an MBA course in ESSEC de Douala having SMEs/SMIs Management Techniques as  major and with a particular stress on projects development, management and evaluation.

Setting up in my native Cameroon in April 2013, I noticed two phenomenons:

  • People wanting to start something up but scared to do so and not knowing how to go about it and
  • Already established SMEs and Startups struggling to keep their heads above the water and been comfortable with a certain level of mediocrity

These, combined with:

  • The ease of opening a business finally been effective,
  • Various business summits with France and Turkey,
  • The publication of more decrees and laws favorable to entrepreneurship and SMEs…

…I therefore ended up founding and being the General Manager of henceforth Cameroon, a startup based in Douala, with the ambitious goal to put my experience and versatility at the service of upcoming and established SMEs, NGOs, Associations and Local Governmental Representations. After all, I know how to keep a business afloat and how to make it sink, I have done both. Since HR is my first love I have also been helping SMEs setting up a more formalize HR System and procedures, designing motivation policies in the view of helping them tackle their regular problem of high employee turnover.

On a more personal note, I am less than 30 years old (oh yes, much less), married to the booster of my life and father to the sweetest little witch who ever walked earth. I am fond of good food, good music, books, languages, movies, travelling, chess, internet, technology, and Coca-Cola.

Finally, I am extremely bilingual (English and French), very IT-minded, as positive as the word can’t say it enough and ever willing and keen to work with you, help you and your enterprises/ventures, existing or upcoming, to reach that level you have always dreamt of.

So why don’t you drop a message and we start talking.


Twitter: @djouwegervais or

Skype: djouwegervais




Your Friend, Gervais